The Relevant Unknowns

“The Relevant Unknowns” is a five volume yearbook series containing head shots, social media handles, and work samples from artists practicing in and around King County. The goal is to create a tangible directory and historical documentation of emerging and established artists to be collected and shared throughout the community. With a glossary by discipline, the book doubles as a guide to help connect creatives with each other as well as garner attention from those seeking to hire us in the future. Each year the project culminates in a free community celebration and book signing party featuring vendors, tattoo artists, and performances by local bands, dancers, and emcees.

Photo by Meagan Hall

Photo by Meagan Hall


Blue Cone Studios is a coalition of independent artists dedicated to seeking out, collaborating with, and promoting artists from typically marginalized and underserved communities. In this vein, our primary objective is to increase visibility and representation of POC, LGBTQ, outsider, and neurodivergent artists. In creating this project, our hands on recruitment and outreach allowed us to discover artists practicing on the outskirts of mainstream recognition. In our second edition we plan to dig deeper into the various pockets of the creative community to ensure we are giving as many as possible the opportunity to be acknowledged as valuable members of our vibrant creative culture and history.


Headshots by Michael T. Perkins


In 2018, our small team of volunteers were able to document over 500 artists working in disciplines ranging from fine art, to culinary art, to software engineering for the first edition of The Relevant Unknowns. Artists from as far north as Shoreline and Duval, south from Auburn and Kent, and everywhere in between met us at either our studio or one of the public events we set up between the beginning of August and mid October. We received sponsorship from individuals as well as a handful of local businesses and were able to print 200 books for sale and donation. In our second edition we plan to extend our shooting schedule, hold more photo shoots at local events, bring in more sponsors, pay our previously volunteer positions, include twice as many work samples, and make the glossary accessible online.

This is no small feat! Here are a few ways you can help:

Become a yearbook sponsor today and have your name printed on the back cover of TRU: Vol.2!

Purchase the first edition! We are so excited to take what we learned creating the first book and really expand the concept in 2019. The original, however, is the key to the whole collection and there are a limited number of copies left.

Get involved!
Be in the next book (individuals, groups, and orgs)
Host a photoshoot at your event!
Donate services!
Let us know how you’d like to be involved.