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Weekly open practice sessions

Performing artists all share the need for a space to practice, but finding opportunities can be difficult for Seattle artists who still working to refine their professional discipline. In particular for artists who are preparing new material, or are just new to performing on stage in general, bringing untested tracks onto stage can lead to a poor performance due to easily preventable reasons. Artists and performers who have past experience but simply haven’t been on a stage in a while can also benefit from 30 minutes with a microphone and a pair of speakers to shake the rust off. 

“Blue Cone Studios ‘Sound Praxis’ - Weekly Open Practice Sessions”; every [Wednesday] night sign-up starts @ 6:00pm and runs till 9:00pm. Mic & PA provided, intended for solo artists or small groups to bring their own backing tracks or instruments & develop themselves as performers in a controlled performance environment. The event is coordinated by a Blue Cone engineer who will also be available for the duration of practice. This event is intended to support regularly scheduled Tuesday Tea Open Recording Sessions as an additional opportunity for artists to rehearse their material or collaborate with other Blue Cone artists in development and rehearsal. Our goal is to empower Blue Cone artists’ evolution as individual artists and also to help continue growing the music community built around the Blue Cone Studios/Capitol Hill recording studio.

The target participant could be anyone from an amateur/enthusiast to a regular stage performer in need of a closed space for performance rehearsal. Any kind of stage performance artist is welcome to come practice, including (but not limited to); hip hop/rap artists, spoken word/beat poets, comedians, DJs, producers, experimental artists, projection visual artists, & singer/songwriters. Performance slots will be available in 30 minute increments per artist/group, slots are available on a first come first served basis according to the sign up sheet. Please note due to space & time restrictions we cannot accommodate full bands or large ensembles (4+ members).

Is this just another open mic? No, it is not. Blue Cone is a coalition of artists working together as individuals to be better artists, we are not a venue looking for patrons & performers to entertain people. The goal of this event is to provide a serious work space for performers who are unable to secure a legitimate work space of their own. We encourage artists to use their time slot as best suits the needs of their project. For example a producer or artist may want to try the same measure or part a number of times, or a few different ways. Rather than say “try again next week” or otherwise rush people along, this event will try to accommodate the artist because we want to help grow the individual artist & Blue Cone music scene. 

Racist / sexist / homophobic / transphobic attitudes are not welcome here.

Blue Cone Studios House Rules:

  • Be respectful of other peoples’ things! Much of the equipment being provided for in our recording space is on loan from Capitol Hill Records & any remaining studio components belong to Blue Cone Studio’s and our artists’. 

  • Please do not eat or drink in the recording or production booths. 

  • Take your garbage or recycling with you when you leave! Due to the cost of Seattle utilities; disposing of any consumables brought into Blue Cone Studios is the responsibility of the persons who brought it. 

  • Artists & performers using recording or practice facilities may not use Blue Cone Studios as a storage space for personal equipment. Requests to do so will be considered only on a case by case basis, however workspace & storage will be prioritized for Blue Cone Studios resident artists. 

  • Recording and production booths will always be returned to an organized state for the next session.

  • The session engineer is responsible for determining what & how equipment will be used during either type of open-session event. 

  • Free sessions are intended to be development tools for participating artists. There is no implied obligation or requirement for the participants or engineers to work together beyond the current session. 

  • Engineers are available to take participating artists as paying clients expressly at their own discretion. Details of such arrangements must be worked out with individual Blue Cone engineers. 

  • Opportunities may exist for free recording or practice time outside regularly scheduled events; interested individuals should inquire with Blue Cone engineers or resident artists. 

  • Consuming alcohol at Blue Cone is restricted to 21+. Have ID available. 

Blue Cone Studios is a coalition of independent artists working to help each other help themselves.