Our Mission

Blue Cone Studios is a coalition of independent artists dedicated to seeking out, collaborating with, supporting and promoting local artists. Our ongoing mission since 2015 has been the holistic upliftment of Seattle’s creative community through direct investment in emerging, underserved artists. Our primary objective is to provide creative programming that is open to artists of all backgrounds and education giving those with experience the opportunity to inspire and mentor those who are discovering and honing their talents.  Our alternate goal is dedicated networking to link seemingly disparate but effectively similar pockets of creative individuals that would better benefit from each other than remain separate. We envision a strong local arts ecosystem that lifts from the bottom to amplify and empower creative communities in Seattle. By telling their stories, providing space for them to tell their own stories, and creating platforms for their craft to be seen globally, we hope to give those most unseen and unserved in our communities recognition and documentation of their legacy in the overall history of Seattle’s creative narrative.