Hi, I'm Monica

Hi there!


I’m Monica, a relatively new member of Blue Cone Studios at just 3 months! I’m a creative but that hasn’t been what I’ve done professionally or what I went to school for. I’ve been a professional software engineer for the past 7 years working in both the Seattle tech scene and longer in Silicon Valley.

Before you come running with pitchforks, I want to talk about what art means to me and what I’m hoping to offer to this community. To me, art is discovery, art is communication, art is healing. I enjoy analyzing things and I’m hoping my spin on that helps people connect to art in their own way.

Heres my take on art:

Obliteration by Monica Tie 1-3-2019

Obliteration by Monica Tie

Art is discovery.

When you gaze upon artwork, listen to music, experience a performance, you’re discovering someone' else’s world, their experiences, a piece of themselves. Art lets you discover the mini worlds within each one of us. It shows you perspectives outside yourself. Through my own art, I’m discovering pieces of my heritage by exploring reds and golds and what those colors mean to me and the nostalgic but conflicted otherness of emotions they evoke.

白养你”” / “It wasn’t worth raising you by Monica Tie  Shown at the 2019 January Capitol Hill Art Walk

白养你”” / “It wasn’t worth raising you
by Monica Tie

Shown at the 2019 January Capitol Hill Art Walk

Art is communication.

When we can only speak so fast, read so fast, and meet a limited number of people (especially with the Seattle freeze), it can be hard to get ideas across and even harder to empathize. Art has a way of immersing us into a captured feeling or thought and great art has a way of sparking conversations that keep on going. In my own work, I’ve been really happy to see people reacting to my pieces whether in horror, confusion or even laughter. I’ve had great conversations around my piece “白养你” where we’ve discussed cultural gaps, immigrants vs second gen experiences and Western vs Eastern attitudes.

“Yellow is a Color” by Monica Tie  1-7-2019

“Yellow is a Color”
by Monica Tie


Art is Healing.

On this journey thus far, I’ve found art to be really healing. It hasn’t only been healing to myself, but I’ve seen how the art of other’s has healed me by reminding me that I’m not alone. I’ve had friends reach out saying how my art has connected with them or given voice to some of their own experiences. Especially for the Asian American experience that still feels so niche, and for a culture where we’re used to keeping quiet about our experience, it’s been really freeing.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about me! Look out for more thoughts and discussions coming in the future on Blue Cone, and share what we have to say!

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