Blue Cone Studios is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and collaborating with artists in a variety of creative endeavors. 



Blue Cone Studios Presents
The Relevant Unknowns: 2018
First Annual Yearbook and Community Celebration

The purpose of this yearbook is to highlight Seattle’s illustrious array of art and culture and the characters who create it.

Over the next 3 months we will be gathering people and capturing portraits of YOU! This is a look at Seattle’s who’s who and who shows up! Literally it is open to creatives in ANY medium. We encourage anyone and everyone who creates, supports, and promotes creators to paticipate. Come and be a part of showing who we are right now as a vibrant arts community in our ever changing city. 

"Goo" out now!

The Goo Project was one of Blue Cone's first "in studio" projects. It started as a single photo session, with lead photographer Meagan Hall and goo-pourer Carolyn Hitt collaborating on a single set of images. Once the goo was poured, however, an idea was sparked. Wouldn't it be more fun to just keep pouring goo on people? Would anyone be interested in it? 

The project spread like wildfire on social media, with people coming up from Oregon and down from Canada to "get goo-ed". We met so many people in our own community, and produced a truly unique book. Take a look for yourself, and support local artists by purchasing your own copy of "Goo"

 Photo by Meagan Hall

Photo by Meagan Hall


 Buttons by Natalie Dupille

Buttons by Natalie Dupille

Tuesday tea

Almost every Tuesday (see our "Tuesday Tea" page on Facebook for the schedule), we open Blue Cone to the community. We provide the supplies and tea, and you bring your creativity (if you think you "aren't artistic" just show up; we have...thoughts on that). Tea is a great place to meet the artists of Blue Cone, as well as collaborate with others on projects.

Our recording studio is also open at that time on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Art Walk

We open the studio every second Thursday of the month for Capitol Hill's Art Walk. This gives in-house artists a chance to talk to the community about their works.

We've recently cleared some wall space, so that we can start featuring our monthly member artists as well! Our monthly membership package now features the perk of being able to show a piece during Art Walk (we're on the Art Walk tour list and EVERYTHING). To learn more about Blue Cone monthly memberships, please see the "Membership" section of this site.

 Picture by Carolyn Hitt

Picture by Carolyn Hitt

 Last year's "Noraefra" - picture by Meagan Hall

Last year's "Noraefra" - picture by Meagan Hall

Our next project: "efanora"

"Efanora" will be a dance performance choreographed by Vincent Michael Lopez. Each year we try to support the passion project of at least one artist. Last year we produced the first part of this dance series with local dancers in collaboration with studio artists and Stella Kutz at Yaw Theater. Once again, the learning process on production was very diy/figure it out, but we did it and the show was spectacular. This year, we would like to step it up a notch and, not only pay the dancers/choreographer/stage manager what they deserve, but give them the opportunity to be seen by a wider audience.